The Roastery

Boston Common Coffee Co. roasts all of its coffee locally at our new roasting facility in Hopedale MA. Our Roastmaster, Patrick Maloney, takes pride in every batch of coffee he roasts and is the primary reason our company has developed a reputation as one of the best roaster/retailers in and around the Boston area.

Patrick Maloney came to us with several years as an apprentice roaster under Bill Trull. Since becoming our Roastmaster in 2008, Patrick has quickly established himself as one of the premier roastmasters not only in the Boston area but industry wide. His primary philosophy is to reach out and acquire a base selection of varietal coffees from all of the major growing regions and then search out some of the lesser known “craft-roaster” coffees, limited availability lots, and Cup of Excellence winners.

It is important to us as a company and to Patrick as our Roastmaster to be able to connect to our customers and other roastmasters in the industry. Thus, we have integrated our “Ask the Roastmaster” facebook feed. Please feel free to post a question, follow our roastmasters posts & blogs, or make a suggestion of a particular coffee you have enjoyed from us or another company. We are hoping that this becomes a forum for coffee enthusiasts and industry personal can share ideas and concepts.