Our Story

Founded in December of 2004 by Peter Femino & Anthony Massari, Boston Common Coffee is locally owned and operated. Our concept was simple, bring together the atmosphere of a local coffee house with the freshness and variety of a bakery. As one of the few true roaster/retailer/bakeries in the area, we wanted to offer the highest quality in service, coffee and baked goods to our clientele. To succeed we needed to bring together a skilled roastmaster, an in-house team of bakers and cooks and a management team to maintain the standards we put into place.

Boston Common proudly boasts a large selection of varietal coffees ranging in both roast and flavor profiles. Our roastmaster, Patrick, is constantly sourcing new coffees from around the world, some of which we feature as our Roastmaster’s Choice. We also offer a selection of flavored coffee such as Cinnamon Hazelnut and Coconut made with all natural flavors. Since we roast our coffee daily in Hopedale, MA and bring our coffee into the stores several times a week you can always be assured of the freshest possible coffee.

Similar to our philosophy with coffee, our in-house baking philosophy is to bake more often but in smaller batches to keep the products fresh as well as allowing us to offer a more diverse selection.  We pride ourselves as being one of the few companies where a customer can walk in and get a hot muffin or scone in the morning and a freshly baked cookie in the afternoon.